Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life experience

I believe children should experince life. I have spent my life trying to give kids an opportunity to experince the world around them. My kids, my grandkids, neighbor kids, it doesn't matter to me. Secretly I feel like all kids belong to me. I think it's because we are the same height. I know sometimes I push the bounderies of safety and common sense, and things can get a little risky at times (need a baby sitter?) but hey, how are you going to get experience without doing. So, because everyday is a school day, what do you get from this video? Did I teach buoyancy? Or did I go with boater safety? Nope, I simply told everyone "don't drown".
I also believe everyone needs to catch a fish. Do you need to now how to be a good fisherman? No. Just catching a fish at sometime in your life is all you need to do, to be able to say, "I used to go fishing when I was a kid." Out of all the things my gkids and I did on this event, this was by far Mason's favorite. Rest assured, he was on my lap, and my foot was on the brake, and we were on a private, gravel road. He was totaly empowered. Remind me to tell you about when he said "Grampy! Hand me the chain saw!"

Give your experience to the next generation. Be you an artist, computer whiz, dancer, excellent cook, terrific home schooler, gardener, missionary. Live, love, laugh...


Sarah Vertner said...

ok, first... you totally crack me up!

Second...I think you have made some wise points, and unless you have other children or grandchildren or neighbor kids that are no longer with us as a result of your wisdom, it might be safe to say that it is proven wisdom.

... yet as a mom, ... I don't know if I'd let you babysit... :-)

actually, I think all kids need a good grandpa who does stuff that their parents would be too cautious to do. It's good for the kids and parents.

DotBlogger said...

Try having him for a dad!!


Yule {b}Log said...

Ahhh... yes. The adventures he took us on come to mind.

Love you Daddy!

christa jean said...

The more kids I have the harder it is to find a sitter, so what's your number?

Har har!

SuperDave is cool.