Sunday, January 25, 2009

Military Loyalty

The United States is the strongest military force on the planet. I take comfort and great pride knowing that this is a fact that is undisputed. Here at home I have a war that has been ongoing for about 20 years. The conflict is between me and two other family members over which branch is the best.

I proudly served in United States Air Force. That being said, I need your help to end this home front conflict.

I need you to cast your vote for your favorite branch of the military.

There are four to chose from.

Each branch has it's strengths. I will represent the Air Force.

The speed and firepower the Air Force can deploy is staggering.

Combined with long range high altitude reconnaissance helps keep the peace.
This is my personal favorite, the SR-71 Blackbird. It's so fast that it carries no weapons.

Let's not forget the dedicated pilots of these awesome machines.

Next up is Nephew TAD, representing the Army.

The on site presence of the Army is daunting.

The variety of weapons at the Army's disposal, repels most invaders.

The connection between Army brothers is legendary.

Uncle Bob will carry the flag for the Navy.

This floating fortress off the coast of a potential conflict, will make anyone pause before doing anything.

Above or below, they maintain vigilance.

The Navy can bring formidable numbers to any conflict.

My high school buddy RAB was a Marine. He has not been involved in this skirmish, but he is the only one I know, so he gets the honor of representing this branch.

Marines are often times the front runners and the ground breakers to securing a stable front.

The few, the proud, the Marines. Honor at it's finest.

Semper Fi, what's left to say.

There ya have it. So cast your votes and help us to crown someone as Comander in Chief.

God Bless America

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Inner Eye

For those with boyz, you will get it. For those with girlz, maybe not. This is just a peek into the how boyz/men think.

I will give you a series of pictures, you try to figure out what they are. Then I want you to try and figure out what an 8 year old boy thinks they should be.


What is this picture?
Dryer? You're good at this.

Now what do you think M was pretending it was? I will tell you after you guess the other two pics.

This one is a little harder.
These are sock sorters from Tupperware. He took the liberty of installing these in my bathroom. Not as sock sorters. What could they be? Inquiring minds want to know.

Next one
If you own a Dyson, you will recognize the extension tool removed from the base. What is he using it for?

Last one.
This is the observation tower at the zoo. You know, put in a quarter and see stuff close up.

Ready for the answers? Compare the photos below, with the ones above. It's easy to see how he could pretend they have alternate uses.

Ok, the dryer is trully a jet engine. The flashlight is just a flashlight (for now) to watch it spin.

The sock sorters are a pair of bike hangars. He installed these when he was 4. They are still stuck in the wall of my bathroom. I keep them as a reminder to "imagine"

The vacuum extension was used as a mini gun. A formidable weapon that spews 3000 rounds per minute. It was an awesome spectacle on youtube.

The obsevation tower is an anti aircraft weapon. When you're 8, you can never have too much firepower. Don't want the zoo to become over run with terrorists.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am just about done with winter. I still have to make my pilgramidge to Mt. Hood, but after that...done. and continue the the training of my Gson and Gdot. But being a lover of warmer latitudes, I want things to warm up and DRY OUT! I'm not sure if I'm projecting my desires or if my Jedi Knight skills are working overtime, but when I was scraping the ice from my frozen truck, this shape broke off.
At first I thought it was Africa. But after careful research, I realized it was California. I tried to break off shapes that resembled resembled airline tickets and $100 bills. No luck.Oh well, summer is just around the corner. Bring it on.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The winner is!!

Wow! I had a hard time trying to decide who would win the coveted title of naming this photo. All of the entries were exceptional and spoke to me on just about every level of the things I love.

Entry #1. It's Cuarenta en el verde!

Or, 40 in the green. Being a positive person and I do love the green of summer and green is my favorite color and I have always wanted to do a Mexico vacation. I found myself pondering this title over and over.

Entry #2. 40 Degrees North.

This was related to Captain Jack Sparrow's compass that didn't point north. This is intriguing, because my internal personal compass has never pointed north...ever. My spirit and thirst for adventure fuel my daily antics and zest for life.

Entry #3. 40 degrees=beer thirty.

Entry #4. It's 40 degrees somewhere.

Even though 40 isn't very warm, the intent I felt was, it has to be warmer somewhere. If you have read my previous posts, I-love-summer. I could live on a deserted island. As long as it had a swim up bar, and a little cafe' manned by an excelent cook named Greg.

I work the vampire shift. I am at work at 3:45am and it can be very physical for hours at a time. I also make my own beer, and I even have my own label. 40 degree's just happens to be the industry standard for refrigeration and is generally accepted to be the usual temperature of most refrigerators. So, hard work, weird shift, fridge temp all mean that my beer thirty is as early as noon on my day off.

After careful consideration, I am going with entry #2, 40 degrees North. I also feel that all the entries are en"compassed" in the choice. Thanks to all who entered.

Sail on.