Sunday, January 25, 2009

Military Loyalty

The United States is the strongest military force on the planet. I take comfort and great pride knowing that this is a fact that is undisputed. Here at home I have a war that has been ongoing for about 20 years. The conflict is between me and two other family members over which branch is the best.

I proudly served in United States Air Force. That being said, I need your help to end this home front conflict.

I need you to cast your vote for your favorite branch of the military.

There are four to chose from.

Each branch has it's strengths. I will represent the Air Force.

The speed and firepower the Air Force can deploy is staggering.

Combined with long range high altitude reconnaissance helps keep the peace.
This is my personal favorite, the SR-71 Blackbird. It's so fast that it carries no weapons.

Let's not forget the dedicated pilots of these awesome machines.

Next up is Nephew TAD, representing the Army.

The on site presence of the Army is daunting.

The variety of weapons at the Army's disposal, repels most invaders.

The connection between Army brothers is legendary.

Uncle Bob will carry the flag for the Navy.

This floating fortress off the coast of a potential conflict, will make anyone pause before doing anything.

Above or below, they maintain vigilance.

The Navy can bring formidable numbers to any conflict.

My high school buddy RAB was a Marine. He has not been involved in this skirmish, but he is the only one I know, so he gets the honor of representing this branch.

Marines are often times the front runners and the ground breakers to securing a stable front.

The few, the proud, the Marines. Honor at it's finest.

Semper Fi, what's left to say.

There ya have it. So cast your votes and help us to crown someone as Comander in Chief.

God Bless America


Anonymous said...

SD, It is impossible for me to vote for just one. I too have family members who are/have been in the service, including a sister who flew on the Hercules C-130 in Operation Desert Storm, an uncle who served in WWII, a step-dad who served in Vietnam, step-mom in the Navy and my big brother who served in the 82nd airborne.

I am grateful to all of you. Each branch of service provides a different service for us. Each part is needed and appreciated.

Each person represents a family. Each person serving is brave.

Thank you to all of your friends and loved ones who serve(d). YOU ALL WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

Army Strong....enough said....

Anonymous said...

Thank you...we are strong...much stronger than the floppy's..I mean airmen

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! If you remember the Air Force used to be the Army Air do they even count??

Kismet said...

I agree with Tiffany. There simply is no way to choose. I love military uniforms, but when our country is at war, especially these days, I choke up every time I see it. My sister always stops young men and women in uniforms and says 'Thank you for your service to our country". I've never seen her miss an opportunity, even if she has to yell it from her car window!
That is how I feel too, just silently.

Thank you service men and women, whoever and where ever and whichever branch. I salute you.


DotBlogger said...

I was going to say something inappropriate about all the service men being handsom in their uniforms.

But then I read Tiffany's comment and thought better of it. Then I read Kismet's comment and got choked up.

So I can't decide, either. I'm not even fully aware of what each and every service man does, but I know they all fight for me.

I vote for you, dad. Cause you're my dad. And you're handsom in your uniform. :)

Youthful One said...

If it's not too late, I'll cast my vote for the Navy.

One of my favorite uncles served in the Coast Guard, and a grandpa of mine served in the US Merchant Marine.

I have good friends who've served in the marines and the army.

However, my father, my husband, one of my favorite grandmas and a few other friends have served in the Navy. Therefore, this branch outweighs them all for my loyalty.

I am very thankful I don't have to eliminate the others by choosing one. I agree that they all are important in serving our country and working together to uphold the standard of the USA. I, too, like to take opportunities to show appreciation to every man & woman that serves.