Thursday, January 1, 2009

The winner is!!

Wow! I had a hard time trying to decide who would win the coveted title of naming this photo. All of the entries were exceptional and spoke to me on just about every level of the things I love.

Entry #1. It's Cuarenta en el verde!

Or, 40 in the green. Being a positive person and I do love the green of summer and green is my favorite color and I have always wanted to do a Mexico vacation. I found myself pondering this title over and over.

Entry #2. 40 Degrees North.

This was related to Captain Jack Sparrow's compass that didn't point north. This is intriguing, because my internal personal compass has never pointed north...ever. My spirit and thirst for adventure fuel my daily antics and zest for life.

Entry #3. 40 degrees=beer thirty.

Entry #4. It's 40 degrees somewhere.

Even though 40 isn't very warm, the intent I felt was, it has to be warmer somewhere. If you have read my previous posts, I-love-summer. I could live on a deserted island. As long as it had a swim up bar, and a little cafe' manned by an excelent cook named Greg.

I work the vampire shift. I am at work at 3:45am and it can be very physical for hours at a time. I also make my own beer, and I even have my own label. 40 degree's just happens to be the industry standard for refrigeration and is generally accepted to be the usual temperature of most refrigerators. So, hard work, weird shift, fridge temp all mean that my beer thirty is as early as noon on my day off.

After careful consideration, I am going with entry #2, 40 degrees North. I also feel that all the entries are en"compassed" in the choice. Thanks to all who entered.

Sail on.


DotBlogger said...

Wow, those WERE great titles.

Thanks for picking mine.

Sooo....did you take it down afterall?

Anonymous said...

I think it is perfect for your beer cooler. If it reads 40 degrees and that is what temp your beer should be, why throw it away? That means your beer is the perfect temp every time:)