Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't forget to pretend

There are a couple of events that stand out in my memory. One such event is the time I let my almost 3 year old stay up past bedtime of 8pm. We had just fininshed reading "The Cat in the Hat". We then made a couple of signs, one numbered 1, the other numbered 2. We taped these to our shirts and pretended to be Thing 1 and Thing 2. We then made kites out of construction paper. No wood, just the shape of kites. We added yarn for tail and string, then proceded to run through the house bumping things over. She got to bed about 10pm. Grammy wasn't home.

The other is the time I was baby sitting my nephew (see my credentials in my previous post, Life Experience). We were playing with trucks and cars on the living room rug. He was 5 and loved fire trucks. After a bit, I had the idea, if we are using fire trucks, we need a fire to put out. So I built a fire in the fireplace. We got all the rescue trucks and fire engines we could find. We then got a couple of squirt guns. We put together an awesome emergency site and pretended to put out the fire with the water guns. Good times.'s good for the soul. Even if you don't record them, they live on in the memory of youth.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet she didn't sleep in the next morning like you expected she would! :)

It is good to pretend, and to document it. It is amazing how soon we forget what our children's voices sounded like when they were young.


Yule {b}Log said...

Ooo! Ooo! Do me next! What a wonderful story.

Unknown said...

That was the best broadway show ever!!! Great job Mason, oh...and same to the prince. :)

Dad, your blog about the biker cracked me up in such little pieces that I'm still putting myself back together. Don't double dip!


ohhollyf said...

Oh you make me wish my dad were like you !

Anonymous said...

One of my best memories as well...