Friday, October 10, 2008

Ya gotta wonder

I love the way children's brains think, process, and reason. But sometimes ya gotta wonder, whats going on in there. Here is an example of two prayers from the same child:

On the way home from school today, I read out loud from the reader board on the freeway, "Crash on highway 26 just past the tunnel." Mason says, I better pray. He clasps his hands together, bows his head, and says,

"Dear God, I hope that everybody is OK, and that it's not a bad crash, and nobody has to go to the doctor." He opens his eyes and looks at me and says "it's OK God is on it. He' doing his job."

This is the other:

We, like so many others have begun homeschooling. So today Teacher Grammy, and student Mason were reading from the school book and the poem was reflecting all the things God has made. At the end, he and Grammy prayed, thanking God for His creations. Grammy's prayer reinforced the beauty of nature, and the animals that were in the poem. She then paused, waiting for Mason to continue. With his eyes slammed shut, head bowed, white knuckled clasped hands, he simply adds,

"and thank you for the Mariana Trench." Amen.


Yule {b}Log said...

What on Earth is Mariana Trench?

Sarah Vertner said...

On earth, the Mariana trench is the deepest part of the pacific ocean East of Japan and Guam...

Ok, really, I didn't know that either... Google/Wikipedia makes me sound so smart!

Now that I've read about it I'm going to pray and thank God for it too...

oh, and I want that faith too.."no worries, God's on it"


DotBlogger said...

I love it that a homeschool kid knew about teh mariana trench!

I also love it that a little boy was thinking about something way cooler than fields and deer...

I love that kid!