Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Note to self,

We are regular users of the product Gummy Vites at our home. I feel they are a good source of vitamins and fun as well.

I don't usually do the buying, but I had a coupon so I picked one up. But like most men, I made my selection based on the brand picture instead of reading the label. Yes, apparently there are different varieties and I got the wrong type. This one is a brain type with Omega whatevers, and I wanted the basics. You know like, C-D-E-A, the usual players.

I decided to return it and get the one I really wanted. But I found out something that maybe you knew but was news to me.

Gummy Vites left in your car with the windows up on a 95 degree day melt into a single, multi-colored, Vite.

Who knew...

So my note to self is; when going on vacation this year, don't buy gummy bears for the trip. Pass on this valuable info to friends and family.


Jenny said...

When we were doing the vitamin drive for Nicaragua, we had to specifically ask for the chewable non-gummy ones. They melt there, too.

Youthful One said...

Wow. How do you measure a dose of that?

gundul said...

♥Deddy MAt'c Jogja♥