Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wake Up Call

Have you ever had one of those mornings, when you wake up to realize one of your kids is standing there? Not making a sound, just standing. As you try to shake of your slumber and make sense of what is happening, your eyes make contact with a small child and a variety of events occur.

1. They say "I don't feel good", which is usually followed by projectile vomiting.
2. They say "I'm scared, can I sleep with you."
3. They say "I'm hungry."

This is my encounter a few morning ago.

My subconscious, (who I rely on heavily) started poking me, wake up, wake up. I don't wake up easily, but managed to pull back the eyelids.

The first things I see is my grandson's 5 fingers, extended in the shape of a claw, about 3 inches from my face.

His 9 year old voice begins ( with his best German accent ) "you're a hard man to read Dr. Jones... This is followed by two gentle pats on my cheek. If you haven't seen the movie, it's a quote from Indiana Jones, the Crystal Skull.

We all laughed, snuggled, and had a great day.


Yule {b}Log said...

That is flippin' hilarious! What if I have a boy? Can I expect the same thing?

DotBlogger said...

Better than any alarm clock.

Youthful One said...

He's going to be a GREAT dad himself!