Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Accent?

If you've ever spoken to someone from the deep south, you know they have a distinctive accent. Often times it can be a challenge understanding individual words, because the context may be different due to cultural differences.

Let me set the stage for you of an encounter I had last week.

First I need to say, this is not the person I am referencing. I got it off a web search. But it resembles him. Mostly the hat.

As a manager at a very large retail establishment, it is often my job to help my crew with situations relating to shoppers.

So here's how it went.

I am on one aisle, my crew is on the next. He calls me over the two way radio and says, "Dave? Do we have any fly slides?"
I'm thinking to myself (did he say fly slides?) couldn't be.

As I round the end of the aisle, here comes and older gentlemen with my crew in tow. My crew member has a look on his face of, PLEASE! RESCUE ME! I ask the two of them "what can I help you with?

The southern gentlemen ask me plain as day, "I need a fly slide."

I'm now mouthing the word silently, fly slide...while blinking. My crew is looking hopefully from face to face.

I reply, "I'm sorry a what?"

He once again says "A fly slide", slightly annoyed.

I'm standing there with the expression of, I got nuthin', on my face.

He finally makes some hand motions, and says, you know, a fly slide for shinin' when its dark out side.

Yes sir, flashlights are right down this aisle.

He's grateful and walks towards them.

My crew and I walk away two full aisles before losing control of our laughter, followed by comments for the rest of our shift regarding the need for a fly slide.


Yule {b}Log said...

Good one, Dad.

Anonymous said...

Did he also ax for a amb-buh-you-lance so he could be fixin to get 'er to the doc?

H.R said...

so funny :D

Anonymous said...

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