Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green!

A very, very,very, long time ago, I received a shaving mug as a white elephant gift. It seemed like a great gag gift at the time. I put it into the cupboard, and forgot about it. Until my can of shaving cream ran out. So, in desperation I opened the mug, installed the little cake of soap, swirlled the brush...I was hooked. Not only does the brush feel good on the skin, but the soap is warm. The longer you work it into the skin, the creamier it gets. As time marched on, the little cake just kept on making soap, for a couple of years. It finally deminished to the point of needing replacing.

I was sure I wouldn't be able to find any more.
But to my surprise, in the old guy section of the corner drug store, I think it was Payless or Rite aid, there was my old friend. It even gave me the option of a whole kit, (mug and brush and soap cake) or just the cake. I think it was under 3 bucks for just the soap cake. It just dawned on me the other day that not only is the cost about 1/4 that of buying a can of shave cream, but it is also better for the enviroment. There is no can or aerosols, just a little cardboard box about 2 inches square.

Let's review:

Saves money.
Better for the environment.
Nice and warm lather.

Try it?

PS: Don't use the old straight razor! Ask me how I know...


DotBlogger said...

You're such the environmentalist!
But you're not old. Fur shur.

Anonymous said...

So do you use a disposable razor?

That sounds all warm and comfy. Maybe I need a shaving mug for my legs...hmmm, hopefully not for my chin. Well, not anytime soon anyway.

Yule {b}Log said...

Think it'll work on my legs?