Saturday, November 15, 2008


I love a good practical joke. I love doing them and having them done to me. The more clever the better. Here are a couple of favorites:

I love it when someone is vacuuming, and I am out of sight. When the vacuumer is not in the same room as the plug, you wiggle it loose for just an instant and then plug it back in wait and then do it again. Now to be really effective you need to do it at different intervals and duration of off and on's. This is really good at work or if the victim is vacuuming the car. I did this at work in my warehouse once, and he had a 50' extension cord so I was far enough away to watch. He was convinced there was something wrong with the switch, because every time he clicked it off and on, I would plug it back in. Then I poured salt in the wound. I would unplug it, and as he reached for the switch I would plug it back in before he touched it. As his hand would pull back I would unplug. He is now just moving his hand to and from while the shop vac goes on and off. I laugh out loud, he looks up, smiles and hits his hand on his forehead. I left the scene.

My other fav is the time I got a sales call on the phone offering to have my windshield replaced. Here's how it went down. This was before caller ID or auto-dialing sales calls, they just went through the phone book name by name.

(phone rings) I answer, hello.

(Sales woman says) Hi, my name is Veronica, and I work for an auto glass company and we can replace your windshield for no cost to you by waving the deductible. Do you have any that need replacing?

(Me) No, I,m sorry I don't.

(Veronica) Ok, thank you for your time.

We hang up.

5 seconds later my daughters phone rings. Their name is next in the phone book.

I pick up the receiver and instead of just saying hello, I say, (in a dark and Omanis voice) "Hello veronica, I've been waiting for you to call". I wait for her response.

There is now absolute silence from her end. I continue to wait without speaking. The seconds tick by and after about 20 real seconds, she finally says in a hushed and apprehensive voice, "how did you know it was me?"

I brighted up and told her she had just called my other line. She laughed and said something to the effect of, way to freak me out. We laughed again, she thanked me for my time and we hung up.

I would love to hear her tell the same story.

Today it was my turn to be the victim. My grandson is a funny boy. He's still learning, but coming along nicely.

My wife and her sister and my grandson and I had gone into the basement. We were looking at a giant projection tv that a friend had given me. It's not very good but I am trying to make a man cave on a limited budget. Anyway...after a short time he goes to the top of the stairs. Bored with adult conversation he requests to go to the neighbors house to play. We say ok, and the door at the top of the stairs closes and we hear the backdoor close on his way out. After a bit we head up the stairs to discover he has locked the door and we are trapped in the basement. We bang on the door and wait. The three of us standing on the stairs looking like a phone commercial for more bars. No response. He really did go to the neighbors. I had to crawl out one of the little swing up windows that were so popular in houses built in the late 1920's.

I am glad he has a great sense of humor. He is learning from the master! We just need to work on delivery.

For more practical jokes go to Absolutely Fabulous and ask about camping with her new husband at Flying M Ranch. I still feel "kinda" guilty.


Yule {b}Log said...

Good one, Mase! Now if only he was waiting at the window to watch you crawl out...

christa jean said...

You and my dad would get along just fine!
As a little girl, I remember him cracking the bathroom door ever so slightly and steathily to turn off the light when I was soaking in the tub.
He did this often, and I hollered every time!

DotBlogger said...